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Fett Investments is a family owned and operated business based in Edmonton, providing adult living apartment units for the residents of Edmonton and Hinton for the past 25 years.

From the moment you move into one of our properties, and our relationship is formed, we make sure everything we do honors that relationship. Our commitment is to the highest standards in the way we engage with our residents and communities to do business responsibly.

From our initial property purchase over twenty-five years ago, and in every place that we’ve established business since then, we’ve tried to make things a little better than we found them.

Through the exceptional service of our Resident Managers located on each site, we fully support the needs and well-being of our residents, and we are positioned to meet and exceed those needs in many ways. We have convenient locations that span the city of Edmonton, providing easy access to transportation, community colleges, university, hospitals, and shopping centres.

Our buildings and common areas are well maintained, clean, and secure, and our tenants can take pride in residing in one of our properties.

This website features our rental listings in a user-friendly format, making finding your next home an easy exploration.  We hope to inspire you to join us in discovering your next new home, begin your apartment search today with us right here at Fett Investments!

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to get in touch with us at (780) 454-4087 or Use Our Contact Form

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